Heavy Duty



Superior Spring is a full service company dedicated to the highest quality products and services for your vehicle and fleet. We offer diagnostics, parts, and service for tractor trailers, heavy duty vehicles, trucks, and cars.

Our Commitment

Superior Spring is firmly committed to being the best in the business — a commitment to being number one that extends to everything we do, from parts and service to customer service.

We pride ourselves on spending time with customers, listening to their needs and concerns, discovering new and better ways to get the job done. With almost 100 years in business comes the knowledge that Superior’s procedures meet our stringent family quality requirements.

Superior Spring carries a full line of parts and accessories for your vehicle or fleet, including custom leaf springs, tapered extra leaf spring kits, and custom U-Bolts. Everything we offer has been engineered to provide years of reliable, heavy-duty performance, all backed by unmatched customer service and support.

What We Do

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  • From single vehicle work to fleet-wide cusomization and maintenance
  • All Types of Car, Truck & Trailer Suspension
  • Parts, Sales, Service & Installation
  • Front-end, Brake, and Spring Specialist
  • VIS Truck Diagnostic System
  • From Automobiles and RVs to Small Utility Trailers to 4WDs to Tractor Trailers
  • Truck & Trailer Tandem Laser Alignment and
  • Automobile 4 Wheel Laser Alignment
  • Truck Frame Straightening
  • On-Vehicle Wheel Balance
  • Professional Welding & Fabricating
  • Custom U-Bolts
  • Custom Leaf Spring Fabrication: Soft, Low Ride, or High Lift
  • Tapered Extra Leaf Kits